Naturally enhances performance,
recovery and prevents known ailments

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Grown Fresh Daily and Delivered to your Farm
Hydroponic fodder is freshly grown on our farm 365 days of the year!.


The high and fluctuating cost of hay and grain based feed can be crippling to farms however fodder changes everything.


Fodder uses a fraction of the water it requires to grow feed conventionally. Fodder solves high costs and inconsistent rainfall


Spending money on feed with little nutritional value is a blueprint to bankruptcy. Fresh fodder ticks all nutritional boxes


That grain in your manure is actually your cash. Fodder is over 90% digestible giving maximum value & results


The Equipment we use to grow the Fodder is made in the USA from quality American components. Built to extremely high standards


Every component in our FG20 grow unit is best in class ensuring consistent quality and on time delivery.

Stop Wasting expensive Hay and Grain
Reduce supplements and improve your horse's overall health and appearance.


Our barley fodder is harvested in Martin County Florida to ensure it is as fresh as posible. We utilize state of the art Fodder Group hydrophonic systems.

We recommend a starting point of 10lbs per day however your horse can feed much more than this.

Fodder is designed to be a fresh feed however it can be stored for up to 4 hours in mild conditions. Fodder can be stored for up to a week in a cool room situation.

Fodder contains many vitamins and minerals and is a ‘high octane’ grass like product that has numerous benefits to performance horses. These include aiding recovery, increased hydration and assistance with issues such as stomach ulcers and colic.

You should also feed your horse fresh fodder if it does not have regular access to green grass to assist digestion of feed such as dry grain and hay.

After feeding fodder for 2 weeks you will start to see a difference in your horses’ appearance, a shiny coat, overall improvement in demeanour, hoof health can also improve.

It is believed that fodder was first developed centuries ago by African nomads to feed their traveling herds. Their methods were crude, but their herds flourished in times of drought

Fresh fodder can be delivered to your barn daily, saving you time and money.

Horses are not designed to eat dry grass and grain. Trying to digest these unnatural feed types has side effects. Consider fodder similar to a human eating fresh green salad with similar health benefits that we would receive.

Yes you can, Fresh Fodder will work with you to establish new growing locations if demand is high enough in your area, or we will work with one of our partners across the country to fill the need.

The good news is that fresh fodder costs no more than what you are currently feeding and, in many instances, it can be less.

In our experience 7 out of 10 horses will immediately eat the fodder day 1. The remaining 3 may need a day or two to get started. With gentle encouragement all horses will enjoy the benefits within no time.

It is perfectly safe to introduce the recommended 10lbs of fodder each day from day 1.

There is nothing wasted with fresh fodder, absolutely everything is eaten including the white root mat on the bottom.

Yes, fodder is enjoyed by all types of animals including cattle, sheep, pigs, goats and many more.

Please call the phone number on this website to reserve your allocation. Supply is strictly limited so please don’t delay to avoid missing out.



Feeding livestock fodder is a responsible thing to do as it's sustainable, economical and we get the greatest use out of our resources. Let's leave the next generation a legacy.


Feeding fodder reduces methane emissions verses feeding a typical feedlot or grass diet.